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John Jennison is a sophomore in electrical engineering, and he is our second Vice President of engineering, along with Joe Kim. While he was in Ullo this past winter, he specialized in working on the water system. He ran tests to check sustainability of our water system, and he also met with users of the system to gauge satisfaction with it. His favorite part of the trip was forming a relationship with the
Joe Kim is a sophomore in industrial engineering, as well as one of our 2 vice presidents of engineering. In our clubs he works with Project DoC. While he was in Ullo, he was on of the Health and Safety officers, and he also worked on the clinic assessment. This means he held a lot of meetings, visited health centers in Ullo, and visited and assessed sites. Meeting all the people in Ullo,
Reed is a sophomore majoring in business management, global marketing, and international business, and he is our club’s recruitment chairman, as well as our shea project lead. While he was in Ullo this summer, he was in charge of the shea nut project, as well as taking photos on the trip and contributing to the clinic project. His favorite parts of Ullo were the food, the culture, and the people. Everybody there was
Paige Jewell is a senior majoring in civil engineering. While in Ullo, her job was to do assessments for our clinic project. She would survey potential locations to build the clinic, gather opinions of how the clinic should be built, find what support our project would receive, and visiting current health facilities. She would also help others when tasks came up, but her main focus was on the clinic. Her favorite experience in
Hannah Schaffer is a junior majoring in civil engineering, and she is both a member of the Agriculture/Irrigation group and our clubs’ treasurer. When she was in Ullo, she was the treasurer, and she was gathering information for the agriculture/irrigation project. She didn’t have any 1 standout moment that was the absolute best, but she said her favorite times in Ullo were the times spent with the people of Ullo. One time, for
Sarah Fangrow in Ullo Sarah is a junior at Iowa State, who is majoring in Chemical Engineering, and was a member of the kitchen stoves group. Her job in Ullo was to implement 10 household stoves and 2 kitchen stoves in during her time in Ullo. She loved meeting everybody in Ullo and forming friendships with the members of the community. Leaving all those new friends was really difficult, and she still thinks

February 13, 2020

Back From Ullo: Jack Hanley

Our travel team returned from Ullo in early January after a successful trip! After this experience, we asked the travel team members to tell us about their time in Ullo.We will be starting off with Jack Hanley, a senior majoring in civil engineering and minoring in Spanish and economics, and our Vice President of engineering. When he was in Ullo, he was the project leader, meaning he managed the work done, kept track

December 11, 2019

Meet Lauren and Reed!

This week, we’ll be introducing you to 2 members of Engineers Without Borders at ISU!The first person is Lauren, a horticulture major and our Water Catchment and Irrigation group leader! Her group is developing a system that can catch the rainwater in Ullo and use it to efficiently water crops. Lauren decided to become a group lead when the past leader reached out to her about how the position would suit her. Also,

December 5, 2019

Fall 2019 Newsletter

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