December 11, 2019

Meet Lauren and Reed!

This week, we’ll be introducing you to 2 members of Engineers Without Borders at ISU!The first person is Lauren, a horticulture major and our Water Catchment and Irrigation group leader! Her group is developing a system that can catch the rainwater in Ullo and use it to efficiently water crops. Lauren decided to become a group lead when the past leader reached out to her about how the position would suit her. Also,

December 5, 2019

Fall 2019 Newsletter

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December 5, 2019

Meet John!

John Jennison Engineering group lead, travel team member 2019-2020 John Jennison is a sophomore in electrical engineering, and he is the leader of the project monitoring group. The project monitoring group has been monitoring the water system we implemented in Ullo last year and solving any issues that have arisen. He became the leader of this group when the prior leader moved to Colorado. He chose to join the project monitoring group last

November 13, 2019

Meet Joe!

Joe Kim Engineering group lead, travel team member 2019-2020 Joe Kim is a sophomore in Industrial Engineering, an engineering group lead, and is on the travel team! Joe’s group, Design of Clinic Targeting Ergonomic Results (DoCTER), works to plan out the potential layout of the clinic. This involves many parts that will all work together to plan out the stages of building the clinic in Ullo. Joe hopes to use his engineering group lead

November 5, 2019

Meet Paige!

Paige Jewell Travel team member (2018-2019, 2019-2020), team lead structures/site plan group Paige Jewell is a senior majoring in civil engineering, and she is both a member of the travel team that is going to Ullo, Ghana, and the vice president of the structures/site plan group. Her group is looking into methods used for building construction, which may come in handy with some future possible projects. She decided to become a group lead

August 12, 2019

Summer 2019 Newsletter

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April 8, 2019

Night Shenanigans

Paige Jewell Travel Team Member (2018-2019), Sanitation Group Lead (2019) Our time in Ullo started in the night. After multiple days of traveling and only interacting with the travel team members and Zack, I was not expecting the excitement that we arrived to. As our van started down the main road of Ullo, children started running after us, one by one, and surrounding the vehicle as we took our first steps in the
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March 28, 2019

Food in Ghana

Anna Bilek Travel team member (2018-2019), VP of Fundraising (2019) When in Ullo the travel team was spoiled with Memena’s cooking. Memena is a daughter of the chief and lives in Accra. She travels north to Ullo every winter to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for the ISU-EWB travel team. Ghanaian food consists mainly of starches and chicken. A rice dish is typical at every meal, with jollof being the most common. Jollof

March 25, 2019

Returning to Ullo

Max Fieg Travel Team Member (Winter 2016-2017, Winter 2018-2019) Being a member of the travel team to Ullo is a once in a lifetime opportunity; I was  fortunate enough to experience it twice, as a part of two travel teams. Still, each experience was a unique and remarkable adventure. I have spent a lot of time in Ghana, I have seen a lot, and I will never forget the things I have learned.